Should I Buy Expensive Sunglasses? Yes, here’s why …

Sunglasses. A staple of summer fashion. Not only do they protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays and glare of the sun, but the right pair of sunglasses can add fashionable pizzazz to any outfit. As you shop for the perfect pair of shades to match your outfit this summer, you might find yourself wondering, should I buy expensive sunglasses?

You should buy expensive sunglasses if you don’t mind paying extra for comfort, style, and durability. Otherwise, a cheaper $20 pair of sunglasses may provide the same level of protection for your eyes.

If you want to learn more about why expensive sunglasses might be a better choice, or you just need a justification to take the plunge, continue reading below.

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8 Reasons to Buy Expensive Sunglasses

Whether you are on the fence about buying a pair of expensive sunglasses or just need an excuse to make the purchase, check out these eight things that often make expensive sunglasses worth buying.


One of the biggest factors that set expensive sunglasses apart from cheaper ones is design. They are stylish and trendy, while cheaper alternatives tend to be dull and clunky. Additionally, many brands will release collections each year based on the hottest design trends.

TLTR: You should buy expensive glasses if you like being fashionable and following current design trends.


While it is possible to find rugged sunglasses at a lower price point, an expensive pair of sunglasses will almost always be more durable than a cheaper pair. Since they usually offer prescription lenses, the frame will have to be sturdy enough to be dismantled and reassembled. Additionally, the lenses will be held in place better, and less likely to pop out of the frame. The next time you sit on or drop your glasses, you will wish you had spent just a little bit more.

TLTR: You should buy expensive sunglasses if you plan to wear them while doing more rugged outdoor activities or if you are prone to breaking your glasses.


Sure, style and design are important, but let’s not forget the real reason that sunglasses were invented — protection. It is important to note that expensive glasses do not always offer better UV protection, but they will often include more protective features.

For example, wearing scratched sunglasses can be dangerous because it impedes your vision, especially when driving, but expensive glasses typically will have scratch-resistant lenses. Also, their larger design keeps the sun from filtering in around the frame and better protects your eyes.

TLTR: You should buy expensive glasses if you want better protection from the sun and from damage like scratches, which can impede your vision.


Expensive glasses are often made with higher-quality materials because the manufacturer recoups the cost of production when the glasses are sold. Companies that manufacture cheaper sunglasses must find ways to reduce the cost of manufacturing, which usually occurs by using lower-quality materials. In addition to looking better, higher-quality materials have several advanced features that can make the glasses more durable or even more comfortable.

TLTR: You should buy expensive glasses if you want to ensure you are getting the best quality product for your money.


Another feature of more expensive sunglasses is that they are typically safer to wear because they are often impact-resistant. If you play sports or do other vigorous activities, the last thing you want is a pair of glasses that will shatter or break on your face.

TLTR: You should buy expensive sunglasses if you play sports or engage in other physical activities because they often impact resistance.


The more you spend on your glasses, the less likely it will be that you will have to buy another pair in the immediate future. Between being made with higher-quality materials and being more durable, an expensive pair of shades should last you quite a few years.

TLTR: You should buy expensive sunglasses if you want to avoid buying multiple pairs over the years.


Cheaper sunglasses, like the ones sold in gas stations, do not come with prescription options, but more expensive glasses will usually allow you to choose from different prescriptions or even install custom prescription lenses into the frames.

TLTR: You should buy expensive sunglasses if you have prescription glasses.


It’s not likely you will find a cheap pair of sunglasses with a warranty. Additionally, many of the places where you would buy a cheaper pair of glasses may not allow you to return them if they are difunctional or broken. Expensive brands will sometimes come with a limited warranty that at least covers manufacturing deficits, and some even have a lifetime warranty.

TLTR: You should buy expensive sunglasses if you want to buy an item with some type of warranty on it.

3 Disadvantages of Expensive Sunglasses

Although the reasons above highlight some fantastic advantages of expensive sunglasses, there may be some disadvantages as well. More specifically, the three disadvantages are listed below.


Obviously, the biggest disadvantage of expensive sunglasses is their higher price tags. Specialized and designer sunglasses will often cost much more than a pair you could pick up at your local department store. They can cost as much as 20X more. Before you decide to take the plunge and buy a $300 pair of sunglasses, make sure you understand what it is that you want from your shades.

If you don’t care about quality, fashion, or style, you might be able to find the same protection for a severely reduced price.

TLTR: You should not spend your money on expensive sunglasses if all you need them for is protection from UV rays or will not be wearing them often, as you can typically find a pair of cheap sunglasses that offer the same, if not better, UV protection.


Just because they cost the most does not mean they are polarized. While UV protection is what shields your eyes from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, polarization is what protects your eyes from the harsh glare on surfaces like water and snow. Before you spend your hard-earned cash, check that the lenses are polarized.

TLTR: Do not buy expensive sunglasses without checking to make sure the lenses are polarized.

Loss or Theft

Losing a $10 pair of sunglasses will hurt much less than losing a $300 dollar pair of sunglasses. Additionally, people are far less likely to spot your $10 sunglasses in your car and steal them. If you frequently find yourself losing your sunglasses or you live in a sketchy area, you might want to think twice about spending a ton of money on a pair of shades.

TLTR: Do not buy expensive sunglasses if you a prone to losing your shades or if you live in an area where theft is common.

What To Look for In Any Pair of Sunglasses (Cheap or Expensive)

Whether you are springing for an expensive pair of sunglasses or opting to spend a bit less on your shades, there are a few things you should look for.

Ultraviolet Absorption

The primary function of sunglasses is to protect our eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Left unprotected, your eyes could develop cataracts or different types of cancer. When buying a pair of shades, look for ones that say they block 99-100% of “all” UV light.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying glasses is believing that dark lenses automatically block all UV light. This is not always true and can be extremely harmful to your eyes because the dark lenses cause your pupil to dilate, allowing more UV light into your eye. Again, be sure to check the blockage.


Polarization does not protect your eyes from UV light. However, it will shield your eyes from the harmful glare on surfaces such as water or snow, which is especially useful when driving. Although not necessary, you should try to find glasses that are polarized, especially if you are spending a lot of money.


Choosing the right design is important for a few reasons; First, if the glasses are too big, they will fall off your face. Second, larger glasses are often better because they keep sunlight from leaking in around the frame. Finally, glasses should fit snugly on your face and sit as close to your eyes as comfortable as possible.

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