Are Expensive Suitcases Worth It? Yes, here’s why…

Unless you plan to throw your stuff in a trash bag, you are going to need luggage to travel, and there are a ton of options to choose from. While some people are fine with a cheap generic brand suitcase, others opt for luxury luggage, but are expensive suitcases worth it?

While some people buy luxury luggage simply because of the brand, expensive suitcases are typically better suited for people who travel a lot and need something that will be reliable for years to come.

Keep reading to learn more about expensive suitcases, including how much they typically cost, the pros and cons of owning one, and the best luxury brands to buy in 2022.

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How Much Do Expensive Suitcases Cost?

Before we start talking about prices, it is important to note that the word “expensive” can mean different things to different people. For example, some people might think paying over $100 for a suitcase is expensive, while others might call anything under $1,000 cheap. For the sake of clarity, we will be talking about luxury brand luggage.

Suitcases typically fall between $100 and $500 dollars, but they can be found in all sorts of price ranges. Cheap suitcases will run buyers anywhere from $50 to $150, while the average price for middle-tier luggage is between $200 and $700. Luxury suitcases typically start around $1,000 and can sometimes reach prices well over $100,000.

To get a better idea about how much an expensive suitcase might cost, check out the comparison list below.

Type Of SuitcasePrice (2022)
Coach Men’s Wheeled Carry On$598
Rimowa Essential Check-In Medium$875
PRADA Convertible Buckle Suitcase$1,560
GUCCI Gran Turismo GC Supreme Suitcase$2,980
Louis Vuitton Horizon 70$4,100
Chanel Black Quilted Distressed Calfskin Roller Carry-On$5,996
Ferrari Mark Newson Luggage Set$21,000
Rolls Royce Kryptos Luggage Set$46,887

Prices may vary depending on where you buy the luggage.

Why Is Luggage So Expensive?

At the end of the day, suitcases are just something to stuff your clothes and toiletries into while you travel, so why do they cost so much?

One of the most obvious reasons is that people will pay. Manufacturers know that to travel, you will need something to carry all your stuff, and since most airports have strict guidelines on what you can bring for luggage, you are forced to buy a suitcase of some type.

In addition, luxury suitcases often cost more because they are made with higher-quality materials. This allows them to last longer and endure more wear and tear. Some also include distinctive features, such as wheels or solar chargers, that make travel a bit easier.

Types Of Suitcases?

People often find themselves wondering which type of suitcase to buy, and with so many diverse types available, it is a good idea to understand what each one is before running out and buying a bag.

Types of LuggageFeaturesAverage Price
Hardside LuggageHardshell luggage is often large and roomy, with the added benefit of being waterproof. Although this type of luggage may be the heavier choice, it is possible to find hard-side suitcases in smaller sizes.Low: $55 High: $6,500 Average: $150 —$300
SoftsideAlthough not as durable, fabric suitcases offer exterior pouches to organize all your things. They can be nylon or polyester and most of them are waterproof.Low: $64 High: $2,300 Average: $150 — $350
Carry-OnCarry-on luggage is made to meet the strict airline regulations so you can take it on the flight with you. They can be small soft-sided suitcases, backpacks, or travel totes.Low: $30 High: $3,998 Average: $79 — $300
Spinner LuggageSpinner luggage is luggage that sits upright and moves on four wheels. The wheels can move in different directions which makes them more maneuverable than rolling luggage but also more prone to wear and tear.Low: $45 High: $3,000 Average: $150 —$400
Rolling LuggageLike spinner luggage, rolling suitcases have a handle and can be rolled along. However, unlike spinner luggage, rolling suitcases only have two wheels and are typically pulled behind instead of beside you.Low: $50 High: $3,500 Average: $130 — $340
Duffle BagsAlthough they can get quite large, travel duffels are often smaller than a traditional suitcase, which makes them ideal for quick trips. They often fit in the overhead bin and have multiple pockets for organization.Low: $25 High: $2,100 Average: $45 – $150
Garment BagsGarment bags allow travelers to carry clothes, such as suits and dresses, that they want to keep in pristine condition. They are ideal for business travelers and feature hooks to hand clothing from.Low: $65 High: $4,400 Average: $100 — $200

Which Suitcase Should I Buy?

The suitcase that you buy will depend on both your personal preferences and travel needs. For example, the amount of stuff you plan to bring will determine the size of the luggage, while the style of the bag might be more about personal preference.

Before buying any luggage, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much room will I need? Most people can get away with a simple carry-on for short trips, while people who are going on extended vacations or who plan to bring souvenirs back with them might need a much larger suitcase.
  • How much does it weigh? Weight is important for a couple of reasons. First, you will want to make sure that it meets the airline’s weight restrictions when packed. Additionally, it should not be so heavy that you struggle to lift it.
  • What features do I need/want? Suitcases come in all shapes and sizes, with some featuring handles, wheels, locks, hidden compartments, and extra pouches.
  • How long do I need it to last me? People who travel often for business should look for something with a high durability rating if they want to avoid buying another expensive suitcase anytime soon. However, this may not be as important if you do not travel much.
  • What can I afford? It might look nice, but do you really want to go broke over a designer suitcase when you can find something that would work just as well for a lesser price?
  • Does it meet the airline’s restrictions? If you already have a flight booked or have a general idea of who you would fly with, make sure to research their luggage restrictions before buying a suitcase. Getting through security is already frustrating enough without the added hassle of downsizing your bag because it does not meet the airline’s specifications.

Pros and Cons of Luxury Suitcases

Like most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to buying expensive luggage.


  • Durability
  • Quality Materials
  • Features
  • Value
  • Brand Prestige
  • Warranty
  • Unique

Luxury luggage is made with higher quality materials which makes it more durable in the long term. Because they often come with distinctive features and are unique, they are easy to pick out on the luggage belt. Additionally, most expensive suitcases will have a limited or lifetime warranty and hold their value well over time.


  • Cost
  • Safety
  • Loss

One of the biggest drawbacks is the price, but it can sometimes be cheaper to buy one expensive suitcase that will last a lifetime instead of buying new luggage every few years. However, because they are expensive, it is a bit more frustrating when they become lost or stolen.

What Are the Best Expensive Suitcase Brands to Buy?

Luggage is a 16 billion dollar business (about $49 per person in the US) with tons of brands competing for a place in the market. However, there are a few brands that consistently outshine the others, and you can find a list of the top luxury luggage brands below.

Rimowa suitcase store
Rimowa$515 — $2,160
Globe-Trotter$1,000 —$5,000
Montblanc$800 —$1,000
Smythson$1,475 — $2,095
Prada$3,350 — $7,800
Gucci$1,980 — $8,200
Saint Laurent$1,090 — $2,950
T. Anthony$595 — $1,800
Dior$530 — $7,000
Bric’s$279 —$1,800
Tumi$825 — $2,095
Louis Vuitton$2,950 — $14,400
Victorinox$130 — $575
Ralph Lauren$195 — $25,000

Should I Buy an Expensive Suitcase?

For some people, buying an expensive suitcase can absolutely be worth it. This is especially true for business travelers or people who travel often. However, investing hundreds of dollars in a set of luggage that you will only use once or twice in your life may not be the best financial decision.

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